Our first 20 years in Europe

This year our company, specializing in the production of prosthetic sleeves and liners since 1993, is celebrating 20 years of activity in the European market.

Founded in New York in 1988 and currently based in St. Petersburg, Florida, ALPS is firmly established internationally, with offices in 5 countries, a vast network of highly qualified agents and 120 distributors located across the globe.

We are proud to be crossing yet another milestone: the 20th anniversary of ALPS ITALY and ALPS UKRAINA!



For over thirty years, we at ALPS, together with our partner companies, have been committed to reaching a common goal: providing day-to-day support to orthopedic technicians and helping improve the lives of prosthetic-wearers by offering high-quality, dependable products.



In our R&D department in Florida, a team of engineers and specialized technicians is focused on exploring cutting-edge technological advancements to come up with highly innovative solutions. The entire production process, from the creation of the fabrics to the production of the liners takes place exclusively at our manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA), assuring maximum quality control at every step of the production process. Our sales force consists of an active network spread out all over the world, bringing our customers quick and accurate delivery of the best possible solutions to guarantee their success. Our customer service department is committed to assuring our partners a smooth and positive pre- and post-sales experience.



Our passion for innovation and our dedication to recognizing the needs of patients and technicians as soon as they arise led us to develop over 60 patented products and has kept us poised to launch brand new prosthetic solutions twice a year.



Choose Your LinerTM

One of the newest innovations developed by ALPS is called CHOOSE YOUR LINERTM. It is the only app that allows patients to identify the best prosthetic solutions to suit their needs based on both their clinical profile and lifestyle.

The app lets you match your individual requirements to specific products, including correlated suspension systems, by following a few simple steps.

CHOOSE YOUR LINERTM is patent pending and already available both as a Web App and Mobile App under the name EASYLINER. Yet another milestone reached towards improving the level of service for orthopedic technicians and the quality of life for people who choose ALPS products every day.


Silicone PRO

Most silicone liners on the market present some important flaws: they are stiff and not very stretchy, which means they are uncomfortable and can cause chafing and blisters to sensitive skin.

We at ALPS have recently introduced a prosthetic liner made of dermo-compatible silicone for lower limb amputees, aimed at solving the main problems that can arise due to the high coefficient level of static friction typically caused by silicone polymers.

Our new Silicone Pro Liner is different and can be used by a wide range of amputees, including older patients and those with vascular difficulties.




Even patients who are not particularly active or only moderately active deserve to benefit from the advantages of an active vacuum system.  That is why our engineers have designed our Vacuum Integrated Pumps to offer two different vacuum levels:

Low Vacuum (5-8 inches of mercury) → gentle for everyday activities

High Vacuum (10-13 inches of mercury) → high for high-impact activities

ALPS Integrated pump with valve:

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • No battery needed




“Since I started using ALPS liners I feel so much more at ease. I can do a lot more walking and feel much less pressure on my groin, which is a common problem. On the hottest days I only take off the liner 2 or 3 times a day, which is a great improvement for me… I have discovered that this new liner is perfect for me and doesn’t irritate the skin of my residual limb like other liners did… I no longer get rashes and walking has become much easier”- Daniela Pecinová




“I am so grateful to ALPS for helping me realize my goals since their liners and other products have helped me keep my stump skin in perfect shape. When I get home and take off the prosthesis, I don’t find any irritation or inflammation,  so I know these products are top of the line” – Massimo Giandinoto