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Prosthetic liners and suspensions play a key role in providing the comfort needed to keep wearing a prosthesis all day long.

So what’s the best way to choose the best liner and suspension for each patient?

Why is focusing primarily on the individual so important in choosing the perfect liner?

How does elevated vacuum help ensure enhanced comfort?

We’ll be examining all these questions in our workshop and, more importantly, we’ll provide you with an innovative tool to facilitate liner selection.



  • We will go through all the needs and issues patients may have, and show how ALPS’ wide product range addresses these issues and provides solutions.
  • We will be introducing our innovative, patent-pending, digital product Choose your linerTM,  available as mobile App or as a Web App.
  • Choose your linerTM allows you to identify the best prosthetic solutions for the individual patient based on both his or her lifestyle and clinical profile.