• As we age, stretching becomes even more important. I integrate it into my routines, whether before or after a training session, or after a race. Stretching plays a vital role in my

  • The lack of perfect adherence of the socket to the residual limb may result in the phenomenon commonly known as “pistoning” (axial movement between the residual limb and the prosth

  • Strength training exercises are designed to increase muscle strength and resistance. While muscle strength is important for each of us to maintain our structural and physiological

  • Today the weather is really bad. I called Mira to suggest postponing our meeting today even though the training was indoors. He reminded me that, as the saying goes, there is no su

  • ALPS has recently introduced an innovative and skin friendly silicone prosthetic liner for lower limb amputation. This liner provides a solution to some of the clinical problems an

  • When Mira suggested training together, I was honestly a little bit afraid. I practice sports regularly, but I was sure I could never keep up with a triathlete like Mira who qualifi

  • Our friend Mira, one of the world’s 800  best off-road triathletes, will be participating in XTERRA World Championship 2021, the world’s premier off-road triathlon! In 2010 he was

  •   Prosthetic liners and suspensions play a key role in providing the comfort needed to keep wearing a prosthesis all day long. So what’s the best way to choose the best

  • FIND YOUR IDEAL LINER IN 5 EASY STEPS Simple. Accurate. Always at hand. Choose your linerTM allows you to identify the best prosthetic solutions based on both patient’s lifestyle a