ALPS EasyLiner is a prosthetic gel liner containing an antioxidant that is an effective scavenger of free radicals and hydroxyl groups, with beneficial effects on the skin of the stump. ALPS EasyLiner combines softness, strength, and elasticity from the ALPS EasyGel.

This provides the comfort and durability amputees expect. It’s our recommended choice for diabetic patients.

Features and applications

  • High Performance Fabric improves durability
  • Contains an antioxidant for use on stumps with delicate skin
  • The low coefficient of friction relieves the skin of shear forces
  • Also available in a tapered version, from 6mm distally to 3mm proximally

Product Number

ELDT-XX-3 EasyLiner Locking Liner, 3mm uniform

ELDT-XX-6 EasyLiner Locking Liner, 6mm uniform

ELDT-XX-6/3 EasyLiner Locking Liner, 6/3mm tapered

ELFR-XX-3 EasyLiner Cushion Liner, 3mm uniform

ELFR-XX-6 EasyLiner Cushion Liner, 6mm uniform

ELFR-XX-6/3 EasyLiner Cushion Liner, 6/3mm tapered

XX indicates size, see sizing chart


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